How to Avoid Moping Teenagers During the Holidays

Miss15 went to the movies last night and saw Despicable Me, The Last Airbender and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with twenty of her very closest friends. All three movies cost less than the price of two because it was organised by the local youth council.

Groups like this organize fantastic events for kids like Miss15. From lazer battles to ice skating, bowling discos to scavenger hunts. They’re a great way to get the older kids out of the house and involved in holiday activities, and they’re supervised.

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  • It’s a shame we had nothing like that when my two were growing up. Now… when I see the price of a weeks course of activities in the holidays (sent out through the schools by local council), I am so glad that mine are grown up and don’t need entertaining.

  • Oh I remember going to movie marathons as a teenager. 3 movies for the price of two and it went til about midnight. Couldn’t remember the movies now though….:/

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