Another family gathering at football this week, with Poppy, Grandma and Grandad showing up to help us get the kids to their respective games.

Miss7 tries to distract the opposition by showing a bit more leg.
And hey I’m just impressed she’s facing the right way.

Master6 and Miss7’s games were on at the same time, a hundred meters apart, so it does get difficult to spread the support. Miss16 was, again, a great help.

Best friends Miss4 & Cousin4.
From the look on her face I’ll be needing to have the ‘Can’t Marry Your Cousin’ talk one day.

A nice win for Miss7 as her team clocked up 4 points to 2, and Miss4 and Cousin4 had fun at Squirts. Master6 lost this week but it didn’t seem to phase him at all, which surprised and pleased me. I was especially pleased with Miss7 paying the ball more attention than say any old stray blade of grass which caught her eye. She seemed much more focused this week and even touched the ball a few times. It’ll take a while but she’ll get there.

Not always easy to get Grandad to leave the house, but he enjoys watching the grandkids’ play football.

Big winner was the profits of the tuckshop – it cost me $15 in hotdogs for morning tea!

Another great morning 😀

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