All Hallows Eve, Eve

Preparations are well underway for Miss6’s seventh birthday celebration and our Halloween party.

As I’m a little excited about being unleashed in the kitchen I’ve blown the budget and spent a ridiculous $300 – and we’re cooking up sausages!!

Tracey’s spent the day gurneying the house and drive while I’ve been shopping and subsequently making lasagne sheets, Bolognese sauce and Bechamel sauce for my sensational home made lasagne, and also whipping up my excellent pesto, a rich macaroni with a small fortune of mature cheddar and Jamie Oliver’s ‘dinner-lady carrots’. And drinking beer 🙂

I did mow the lawn, which is kind of blokey.

Miss15 has excelled herself by stringing the fairy lights along the balcony and Master18 managed to drag himself away from his Xbox long enough to make fun of us all, before guilt set in and he did the dishes.

We’ve had a couple of dramas, most worryingly my BBQ has died so I had to grab a little electric number from my folks. I also had to race over to Tracey’s parents to pick up a dozen plastic chairs and an esky.

The place is looking crisp and clean. Except for an abundance of spider webs. Master5 was helping clean today and raced in to tell us what a fantastic job he’d done on the balcony railings – “I cleaned them all,” he announced proudly. “But not the spiderwebs. I left them because we need them for Halloween!” So maybe it’s not looking quite as clean as we’d hoped.

Still need to make faces on the pumpkins – thats a job for the morning. No way would the little kids forgive me if we did it without them.

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