Back To School With Woman’s Day

oneBig news doing the celeb circles at the moment is this week’s Woman’s Day, featuring none other than the Urbans, the Hewitts and the Devereauxs. Big issue. The print run could stretch late into the week.

We were very pleased to be asked to contribute to Woman’s Day’s ‘back to school’ special, although I was disappointed they left out how clever my wife has been at convincing the kids, in a pinch, capsicum can substitute as a fruit snack – they’re kind of like a hollow apple.

Unfortunately, something was lost in eTranslation and they put we had two in uni when we’ve only got the one there and the other is working, but that’s no biggy. The ages are all wrong as well because three of the kids have had birthdays since we sent our info in, but again, who cares, because… WE’RE IN A MAGAZINE! The kids are very excited, and that’s the main thing.

Well, that, and I can make an ass of myself at work.

“I don’t suppose you read Woman’s Day?” was my opening gambit with a lot of customers today. It was a lot of fun.

Just a quick ‘behind the scenes’ snippet: in the photo in the mag, Tracey had set the camera up on a tripod with a timer. Naturally, all Miss1 wanted to do was play with the camera and the reason I look so awkward is Miss1 has run off, Tracey has run after her, grabbed her and slammed herself back in front of the camera just as it went off. Why didn’t we do the shot again? We did. Over and over again. This just happened to be the best we got.

Was great fun to be included 🙂 Thank you to Woman’s Day (and Mel for asking).


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