Baby Book Blues (or pinks)

You know how when it comes to things like baby photos, the oldest child always seems to have way more than their younger siblings. And in fact, the more kids there are the fewer photos exist of the younger ones.  Photos aren’t a problem in this household – we own four cameras, for a start – because Tracey is determined our kids won’t ever have that complaint.
Or she was.
With all the excitement of a new baby coming, Tracey was terrorising eBay for little bits and pieces she ‘needs’. One such item was a baby book.
“I’ve found it!” Tracey announced the other night. “It’s the same baby book all the kids have. I was worried they’d be out of print.” Considering Master19 has one, it’s not surprising. “I’ll order two tonight.”
“Why would we need two?” I asked her. Is there something she’s forgotten to tell me since our last scan?
“I need one for Miss1 as well.”
She’s two in two months time. Looks like someone dropped the ball on this one, and for once it wasn’t me 🙂

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