We power down until this Saturday

We’ve decided we’re spending way too much time in front of our computers this holiday, so we’re having a technology hiatus until Saturday. Regular readers will know we periodically torture our teenage daughter with these little computer blackouts. Who am I kidding? We torture ourselves!

But it’s worth it for the opportunity to properly refocus our attention where it should be – on our family.
To give you an idea of our next few days, I will spend tonight, for example, wandering zombie-like through the house, from the dining/kitchen area to the balcony and back into the lounge room and then to the dining area again, in little loops until I spot my computer. My face will brighten and I might even take a step towards it. Then I’ll remember I can’t turn it on and my jaw will drop and my eyes will sadden and I’ll sigh and walk on past it, until the next loop when I’ll momentarily brighten all over again. Eventually I’ll find a book or two and settle into a nice routine, although not until the second night at least.
But this is small potatoes compared to the hell my oldest daughter will be going through. She’ll sit staring at her blank screen like a penniless, dieting chocoholic at a block of Cadbury milks at the servo. She’s to join us again tonight after spending a weekend away at the Gold Coast with a friend and his family. She’ll have no idea we’re even taking away her social lifeline until she walks in the door tonight.
It’s going to be great 🙂
Chat to you all Saturday!

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