A birthday high for Nanny

We rang The Dragonlady up this morning and sang at her – The occasion? Nanny’s birthday. The funny old bat is inching closer to triple figures 😉

Tracey went out today with her sister and mother for a girls birthday lunch at Pomona.  Tracey said it was lovely, with a shabby chic look and yummy scrummy food. From the glee with which Tracey ran off this morning I’m wondering who was more excited about getting out for the day, her or her mum. The sisters treated their mother to high tea and Tracey says she has a new favourite sandwich, but can’t remember what was in it so she says she’ll have to go back at some point to find out.

Tracey’s now stretched out on bed for a quick nap – I guess all that yabbering and eating cakes and sipping tea just sucks the energy out of you. Lazy sod.

I found a link for the place on google The Two Old Ladies Teashop, Pomona  It looks lovely. Maybe if I behave myself she’ll take me next time   🙂

Meanwhile, back on the coal face, Miss3 has been at me all week to let her cook something in the kitchen. So today I pulled out the bowls and mixer and ‘assisted’ Miss3 to bake a superb Banana Cake.

The recipe is easy and quick and, as I’ve made it a dozen times before, can be found here – No Drama Banana Cake

Little Miss3 loves to cook. More to the point, she loves to make a mess and lick beaters, bowls and spoons.

Unfortunately we (see how I cleverly shared blame with the three year old there) slightly overcooked the cake today because I got caught up elsewhere in the house and wasn’t listening for the buzzer. But it’s still moist in the middle and tastes sweet.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Dogsbreath – I hope you had a great day  🙂  Love you x

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