Away With Words

This one has a career on telly. Maybe not as the host though.

“Name something that’s rude to cancel at the last minute,” Miss9 asked two of her siblings this morning.

We’d kicked the kids off electronics for most the day today and, after the obligatory complaint of there being nothing to do, they discovered a Family Feud board game, with Grant Denyer grinning on the box, in our cupboard. The best thing about Family Feud for me is it was on the telly when I was a kid so unlike just about everything else the kids enjoy playing, I have an idea of how to win.

Mind you, knowing how isn’t necessarily the same as actually doing it.

The next two hours saw Miss9 organising mini games throughout the house wherever she found two or more people congregated in the same room.

“A funeral!” said Miss12 before Master11 could jump in.

Miss12 is super fast at ‘buzzing’ (read as ‘shouting’) her answers in but unfortunately in this instance not one of the 100 people surveyed agreed with her.

“I bet they would if it happened to them,” mumbled Miss12.

Hard to argue, except I know for a fact this time last year we were thrilled with the chance to cancel our plans for Tracey’s.

Shortly after this, and despite Master11 winning a few points with ‘party’, Miss12 was declared the winner of that round and Miss9 appeared in the doorway declaring it was mine and Tracey’s turn again.

“Name something that has a chef,” said Miss9.

“A restaurant,” barked Tracey.

She’d beat me every time so far. Her mouth is so much faster than mine – more practice I guess.

Miss9 referred to the list of popular answers.

“No,” she said, then turned to me for my answer.

My answer was going to be the same so suddenly I was scratching around for another. I nearly went with Masterchef, but then wondered if that was too pop culture. Under pressure now, I was trying to think of other words for restaurants but unhelpfully the only one I could come up with was restaurant.

Tracey used my hesitation to put in a protest.

“Really?” she asked Miss9. “No chefs at restaurants? You want to check your list again? Does it say cafe maybe?”

“Tracey! That was going to be my answer!” I lied.

“It’s not here either,” said Miss9.

“Diner, inn, hotel?” Miss9 was shaking her head at all of Tracey’s suggestions. “Pub? Bar?”

“Masterchef?” I tried weakly.

“Well, I think we give in,” Tracey said to Miss9. “What’s something which has a chef?”

This is the thing you never appreciate with Grant Denyer. His ability to beautifully pronounce his words.

“A tribe of Indians,” said Miss9.

Harder than it looks, it turns out.

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