Avoiding a Downunder Blunder

One thing I NEVER want to run out of is toilet paper. Seriously, I can go without food, water or maybe, in an emergency, coffee but dunny paper is a must have.We buy in packs of 12, minimum. Note I said packs, not pack. We also buy the good stuff because, honestly, I’m worth it. I see those toilet paper packets of two or four rolls in the supermarket aisles and wonder who the heck would waste their time. Even if I lived alone I’d see the sense in buying a bigger pack and saving money.

A tube of paste lasts us a week if we’re lucky, and by lucky I mean if my three year old daughter doesn’t get hold of it. She’s developed a hankering for toothpaste that defies logic and she can suck out the contents of a tube in less than fifteen minutes.
If you buy these sorts of items on an oh-my-God-we’re-out-of-it basis you’ll end up paying top dollar. On the other hand, if you bulk up when one or the other are on special, annually you’ll save enough to keep yourself in facial scrubs and other assorted lotions.

For these non-perishable must haves – including shampoos, soap, washing detergent, dish-washing liquid, fly-spray, window cleaner, disinfectant – we wait for the specials and then pounce like a cat in an aviary. Best advice I can offer here is to put aside a few bucks from each pay for bulk specials. It’ll only hurt for the first few pays and you’ll end up saving heaps over the course of a year.

By way of example, if we save $1 on a tube of toothpaste there’s $52 a year: save $1 a bottle of shampoo and there’s $13: a $3 saving on a box of washing powder and there’s $156: save $6 on a large pack of toilet paper and we’re up a whopping $312 a year. It all adds up and up and up.

But even more important than having a cupboard full of non-perishable goodies we’ve picked up on special and saved money on is we no longer have to frantically search the cupboards for boxes of tissues because there’s no loo paper left in the house.

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