Teaching Kids To Play With Their Food

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“Don’t play with your food,” is something I distinctly remember hearing my parents say to me when I was a child. Which is why I’m a little bit surprised by developments this week.

I’ve been asked by Wizz Fizz to give away three prize packs of their new Bubble Gum flavoured sherbet. All I needed to do was come up with a way of using it in a recipe or similar.

“Mum!” I said into the phone at work. “I’ve got a mission for you. I need you to race out and grab a packet of Bubble Gum Wizz Fizz and see what it’s like on ice-cream.”

I had high hopes. I could have tried to use it in icing a cake or something, but my girls have been into Frozen for what seems like forever and I had something in mind I thought they’d love.

“Okay, then,” said my Mum without so much as a why. Any excuse to shop.

An hour later I had my answer.

“It’s surprisingly good,” she told me when she called. “Even your Dad thinks so.”

So I sat the kids down for a treat on Sunday afternoon.

“Do you want to build a snowman?” I asked them.

I produced some marshmallows, licorice and other sweets and showed them how to make their own, personal Olaf, which basically consisted of gnawing off little bits of marshmallow so it was sticky enough to stick to the other bits of marshmallow or the sweets. Then I scooped out some ice-cream and they stuck their snowmen on the mountain top and sprinkled him with Bubble Gum Wizz Fizz sherbet snow.

Did they have fun? They had a ball. Of course they did.

Everything about Wizz Fizz screams fun, much the same as when I was a kid. The way you need to rip the packet open all along the top if you’re going to eat it properly, the little plastic spoon which you have to dig out of the sherbet and the way my tongue insists on digging out every last bit of sherbet from the tiny spoon before it with allow me to take another spoonful from the packet. Not to mention the smile as the sherbet does its thing on your tongue.

In fact, the whole Wizz Fizz experience can perhaps best be illustrated by something which happened a few hours later. I went to visit my parents at their house a few streets away and noticed a packet of Bubble Gum Wizz Fizz on their kitchen counter: It had been opened and the top was folded over.

“Mum, I still owe you for the sherbet and ice-cream you bought,” I said, picking up the packet and scooping out some sherbet for myself. “Didn’t you finish it?”

“Don’t let your father seeing you do that,” she said, taking the packet off me. “That’s for his dessert tonight.”

Turns out they’d well and truly finished the packet they bought at my request the other day. This was a new packet. Dad liked Bubble Gum Wizz Fizz on his icecream so much he’d had it every night since.

And so much for not playing with your food, guys.

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Wizz Fizz have asked me to give away three packs of their new Bubble Gum flavour. To be in the running, like the Wizz Fizz Facebook page and answer the following question in the comments below – What sherbet flavour would you like to see in stores and why? Don’t forget to register your entries in the Rafflecopter widget above so I can find you if you’re one of the winners.

Congrats to our winners – Amy C, Katrina B and Sarah A 🙂 Thanks everyone for entering

Each pack has:
4 x Wizz Fizz Original Sherbet 8 pack
4 x Wizz Fizz Bubble Gum Sherbet 8 pack
1 x Wizz Fizz Mug
1 x Wizz Fizz Fizzy Fruity Pops 10 pack
1 x Wizz Fizz Sherbet Cones 5 pack

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