The Black Sorrows

WTF What’s the go with my hair?

Yesterday Tracey and I took advantage of some tickets to go and see Joe Camilleri and The Black Sorrows at Billy’s Hotel. Glad we did. Those boys (and gal) sure know how to squeeze joy from their instruments and deliver it to your ears, heart and soul.

When the band first walked onto the stage they were met with some enthusiastic cheers. I looked back to where they’d appeared from, wondering when Joe Camilleri was going to join them. Then the band started up and the old guitarist started singing. He was good too. About midway through their second song I realized the old fellow was Joe Camilleri himself. Sorry dude. Looking good though 🙂

They beat out classics like Shape I’m In, Chained To The Wheel, Brown Eyed Girl, Harley & Rose and my favourite Sorrow’s tunes, Hold Onto Me and Never Let Me Go.

While the Bull sisters have moved on (okay, moved on a while ago) Joe and the boys had a fantastic singer filling in their role. I didn’t catch her name because of the yelling and clapping but she was simply awesome – shiversville.

I love a live band. Even better, one in a pub. Only thing missing was the stench of cigarettes, but I am a child of the heady eighties and we can’t have everything now, can we. Not that I smoke anymore, but I do so enjoy the smell. Tracey being pregnant I had to drink for the two of us, but I like a challenge.

Even managed to wiggle a bit to the music. I wasn’t dancing though. Now I know that sounds a bit like a blokey bloke who claims “I don’t dance” but I don’t. I used to – I used to go out most weeks right up until my mid-thirties. Loved it. But a few years ago I saw video of me dancing and now I don’t dance. Ever. I’ve always known I can’t tap a foot to a beat for longer than ten bars before losing my place but until I saw video I didn’t actually realize I have no rhythm. Nor how gay all my ‘moves’ are (not my description, everybody elses). My dancing always seems to make people smile though – but here again, probably more at me than with me.

Sunday was a late afternoon session, with the sun still up when their sets finished, so we tottled off for some Chinese before relieving Auntie Bel of her babysitting duties.

A fun afternoon. It’s great to get out and bond together. Even better when we can be home before dark so I don’t miss Escape To The Country. Now who’s looking old?

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