A Young Boy’s Unsurprising Revelation


A wonderful story from a friend of mine, copied and pasted directly from Facebook. Sometimes there’s simply nothing to add –

“Daddy,” began my 5yo son with the air of someone commanding solemn attention.

“Yeah, buddy?” I replied…

I could sense what was coming, as this had become fairly routine during his year at kindergarten; at the end of the day, usually during a quiet moment, and apropos of nothing, he would impart a profound, succinct wisdom picked up from the carers during the day’s activities.

On previous occasions, he had announced such truths as “You must always wash your hands after playing with a dog”, and “If you don’t share toys, then no one will want to play with you”.

These facts of life were always satisfying to hear when coming unprompted, as it reassured us that his carers were using every opportunity to sow the seeds of knowledge and social etiquette.

On this day, with as much an air of authority as ever, he announced:

“Nobody wants to see my penis”.

Best they learn this while they’re young. Saves court time.

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