Show Me The Mince!

I suspect another couple of months of spag bog and risolles coming on – we took delivery of another batch of quality mince today for $6 a kilo. And by batch I mean 20kg of the good stuff with very little fat. When a friend rang this morning to put us onto this deal we were there like a shot.

The timing isn’t great, as we’re in the serious ‘every spare cent goes towards Xmas’ phase of the year. Not only do we have our six kids to buy for, there’s the usual Christmas work parties, family Secret Santas and four December birthdays to account for as well. If our budget was under any more pressure it would collapse in on itself and form a black hole.

Mince and sausages are our staple diet – as it is with many families. Some nights we even cook the kids a mincy meal and then ourselves something else (read as something nicer). There’s only so much bangers and mince I can take in a week, although I’m always on the prowl for new mince recipes.

I broke the meat up into 40 half kilo packs, which we can double up where necessary. We used to do 400gm lots in an effort to stretch the budget, but we’d end up using 2 bags far too often.

These bulk lots mean we serve better quality for less, and leaves our weekly budget free to occasionally wander up the confectionery aisle.

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  • Hi Bruce, Sorry I don’t comment more often! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and never fail to come away with a bit of a grin or a giggle. Thank you for sharing your ins-and-outs of family life, mixed with fabulous humour!

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