A Class of Her Own


It’s always so nice when the kids offer off their own backs to help out.

“I’ll set the table,” Miss8 insisted tonight.

And, boy, did she ever!

Cutlery, bowls, napkins.

“She’s so my sister,” I told Tracey as I surveyed her her efforts and sat at the table. “She knows how to be classy.” I gave my daughter a hug. “It’s part of her core.”

“Look a bit closer,” suggested Tracey.

I did. One knife. One fork. One spoon.

I cocked an eyebrow in my wife’s direction and spread my hands – the universal signal for ‘I don’t understand. What are you saying?’

And my darling wife looked at me. Smiled. And pointed.

“Oh,” I said.

Those weren’t your standard napkins. They were a square of toilet paper.

Yep, we are all ass… I mean class.


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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”

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  • Haha. She’d fit in well in Thailand. We visited when my husband’s brother lived there. His wife used toilet paper for EVERYTHING.
    Although, to be fair, they used separate rolls for separate…roles.

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