I am the cleverest man in the world

bruce and tracey
This is us on our honeymoon in Thailand, on our way out to James Bond Island, where Scaramanga had his lair.Tracey looks way better than me in this photo, but to be fair, I had a severe case of ball rash. It was hot and I’d run out of undies. Hey, you asked. No wait…

I am the cleverest man it the world. I know I said that in the title, but I really think it bears repeating.

I married the love of my life – but that isn’t the clever bit. That’s just the bit I’m most proud of.

As of today, I have been married to Tracey for fourteen years. I’m stoked about that. So stoked, I got out the photo albums from our wedding and honeymoon over the weekend.

“You’ve changed heaps, Dad,” said Master9 to us as he leafed through the photos.

“We both have,” said Tracey. She’s very diplomatic.

“Not you, Mum,” he said, giving the photos another look. “But Dad’s much bigger.”  He was pointing at a couple of photos in the album. “Heaps bigger. Fatter.”

I accept I’ve succumbed to middle age spread. But whereas Master9 sees it as a fault, I see it as a sign I am supremely comfortable with my wife and my life.

“Get stuffed.” I told him. I confess, I’m less diplomatic.

Then Master9 almost redeemed himself. Almost.

“Actually, you look the same in this photo.”


He’s his mother’s son.

But the reason I think I’m so clever is I married Tracey in 2000, which means that every year I know exactly how long we’ve been married. In 2001, I knew it was our first anniversary. In 2002. our second. In 2009, it was our ninth, and in 2011, our eleventh.

So this year is our 14th wedding anniversary, and I LOVE that no matter how far down the track we go, sharing the highs and lows of this wonderful life, I will always be able to cite, with romantic accuracy, how long we’ve been married. All because I encouraged a date in 2000.

I think you’ll agree, I really am a clever, clever boy 🙂

Happy 14th anniversary, Tracey 🙂 I love you, I love you, I love you! But you know that. You are so perfect for me I wonder if maybe we weren’t cut from the same cloth in some past life. And I’m so happy to be sharing this journey with you, darling, I can’t wait to see what Life has in store for us next xxx


“Raising a family on little more than laughs”


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