Family night: Lego game

Master5 received an early Christmas present so we pulled it out for Family Night this week – a Lego game where you have to collect colour tokens to climb a pyramid. As the game was for ages over the little kids we paired up for the challenge.

While the night was a huge success the set up took nearly as long as the game itself. Master18 took care of that little detail under the Kiddlies’ critical eyes. He was a good sport about it though, even commenting getting there is half the fun: I think he secretly misses playing with his Lego blocks.

The other half of the fun came from their Dad (me) managing to guess not a single correct colour the entire game, and therefore coming last. Even attempted the odd subversion, but to no avail. I think they’re on to me.

Ultimately, Master5 won the night (probably fitting as it is the first time we played his game).


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