5 Reasons To Put GLOW SHOW On Santa’s List

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If there’s a better job for this family than testing out toys for Christmas, I am yet to find it.

Of all the products we’ve been sent, though, this was the one I was most concerned about because glow stickers and I haven’t always been besties. Until now.

Unlike the last time when I attempted to light up the kids’ nights and ended up kinking my neck, this time it was nothing but fun.

And I gotta say, the thing I like most about these GLOW SHOW kids toys is they’re not a one trick horse. How many times have you bought your kid a toy for Christmas and it’s used and tossed aside before the wrapping has hit the floor? Not only are GLOW SHOW glow-in-the-dark stickers (obviously), they’re also….well, how about I make a list and leave it here:

ONE – they stick to things 

They’re stickers. Obviously. And what kid doesn’t like stickers? However, unlike your usual minuscule two dollar shop stickers, you don’t have to wait a week or two while your nails grow long enough you can peal them off: they’re easily removed. Plus, they’re big enough you don’t have to squint to see what the ‘mark’ is. And best of all they glow at night.

Best of all for kids, that is.

Best of all for adults is something far more practical. Can I just interject here and say I love it when a company listens to its customers, because clearly the makers of GLOW SHOW must have heard me ranting and screaming a couple of years ago when I attempted to take the 15 year old glow-at-night stars off our bedroom ceiling without removing paint, and failed.I have now conducted a very thorough test of GLOW SHOW paint removing capabilities and I’m pleased to say they failed to devalue my house in any way.

TWO – they’re kids’ work

The launcher takes a job for parents and gives it back to the kids as a game. That’s just brilliant.

You don’t need the launcher to put the stickers onto the walls, even though you can, so while my three youngest ignored my request to only decorate their own rooms and raced around the house slapping them on everything they could reach, my older kids used our two launchers to focus more on the ceiling. Ours are predominantly 10ft ceilings and with their reach the dart had no trouble reaching them – unlike me 15 years ago when I put the stars up.

Every time a sticker was launched, they giggled.

THREE – there’s a launcher toy gun

Because there’s a launcher involved – adults say launcher, kids see toy gun – once our walls and ceilings had the potential to be lit up like a French atoll at night the kids raced around shooting the dart at each other.

If there’s anything more fun than shooting stickers at the ceiling it’s shooting at moving targets, like siblings….or so it seems.

FOUR – there’s a torch AND a projector

When it was time to turn the lights off the kids wanted to use the launchers as torches, which I thought was a great idea. Only then they discovered the little discs which came with each sticker set and fit into a slot on top of the launchers had a purpose and suddenly a launcher turned into a projector.

The discs are themed like the packs of stickers they come in – Bright Butterflies, Spooky Glow, Star Galaxy.

FIVE – they’re oddly comforting

That night, I turned the lights adjacent to their rooms off before they were asleep and they didn’t seem to mind because they were so busy admiring their glowy decorations.

I’m not saying this will cure them of needing a night light of some sort, but we’ve now managed one more night than the previous 12 years, so that’s some sort of progress.

This line of Glow Shows now extends all the way up the wall to the top bunk. No idea why.


Not sure if that’s her tongue or she’s got a swollen lip.
With Tracey still in hospital, I took the photos for this post. These are the only ones even slightly fit to put up because as a photographer I make an okay blogger.
When the kids discovered this function of the Glow Show toy guns they actually squealed, and not because they were projecting ghosts.


We did this review a week ago and the kids are still playing with the launchers and projecting images. Plus their walls and their beds have a pleasant greeny glow at night which they think is really cool and I know I can remove anytime I want. Our conclusion – these really are a great Christmas idea.

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”

Thank you to GLOW SHOW for letting us play with their toys!


  • My mum has a similar experience to you about removing glow in the dark stars off my bedroom ceiling years after I insisted on putting the stars on there in the pattern of the constellations of the northern hemisphere (nicer patterns and more stars than the southern hemisphere) (I went through an astronomy phase in my teens).

  • These look awesome! I’d be stealing it from the kids… My ceiling needs a few more glowing stars (yep I have some of those bitty tiny ones – apparently I’m still 8 years old ?)

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