SecondBite of the Cherry

I’m currently sitting at my computer while Master13 gets roused upon by his Mum for making such a big mess in the kitchen.

“Are you alright?” he’d asked his little sister a few moments earlier.

As I’d heard Tracey taking orders for a Cup-a-Soup snack five minutes before that I stood up to race in, thinking someone might have burnt themselves. You might think that to be paranoid behaviour, but the scars on Miss11’s belly have only just healed from a noodle incident on the bus about a month ago and the scars in my mind are still fresh.

“I’m okay,” said Miss6, in a tone which rather wonderful did not conjure up images of blistering skin.

I sat down again, but continued to listen to the exchange. My interest was piqued.

“Why do you look so sad?” Master13 asked.

I found myself hoping it wasn’t the soup. We had 20 boxes to get through.

I needn’t have worried.

“I’m counting up all the days I’ve been naughty,” said Miss6.

See, this is what can happen when little kids stop using their mouths for yelling and screaming and taunting their siblings. They engage other parts of their heads and think.

Sitting, sipping her soup, it seemed she’d become a little introspective.

“How many?” Master13 asked the question I was dying to call out.

I mean I had a ballpark figure in mind. Initially, I wondered if she needed me to remind her of a few incidents from her happy wnappy days, but she was all over it.

“My whooooole life,” Miss6 sighed, and I could hear the self-satisfied grin in her voice from where I sat.

“Not entirely his fault!” I called out to my wife a minute later.

I mean if I was sipping a Cup-a-Soup I’d have spat it out laughing at your little sister too, Master13.

Help SecondBite Help Aussies

I love when our family gets to contribute in some small way to a charity like SecondBite, which redistributes food to families and individuals suffering from food insecurity.

Food insecurity, if you like me haven’t heard the phrase before, is when for some reason you’re struggling to make ends meet and the thing which suffers is what you’re able to put on the table. Bills come in at the same time or you’re crook and out of sick days. For whatever reason, it just happens. Some one in seven Australians had this issue last year.

What we were asked to share with you all is a current promotion where for every box of Continental Cup-a-Soup you buy at Coles up until the 3rd of July, a Cup-a-Soup will be donated to SecondBite to hand out. They’re hoping to bring in one million soups, which would be just incredible.

Anyway, this is what I was asked to share in a video, which you might have seen earlier this week. I’ve embedded the video below, but I’ve also embedded the rejected video I tried to shoot with the kids – because it makes me laugh.

We’re up to 25 boxes we’ve bought so far and there’s only three left in the pantry as I type this. Usually I’d be up the kids for going through the snacks so quick, but for the next week at least I’m just a little pleased I’ll have an excuse to go buy some more.

Check out the vids and, if you can, help SecondBite by grabbing a box or three. If you’re already a fan of Cup-a-Soup then now might be the perfect time to stock up.

Let’s help them keep up the good and tasty work!

 Raising a family on little more than laughs

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  • I enjoyed reading your blog, and I was very excited to start following your blog. However, after visiting the store, and reading the shirt joking about science versus religion, I am sad to say, I will no longer be reading your blog.

    • And how very Christian of you to put that comment onto a post about charity and feeding the hungry. Look, I don’t really care if you’re a believer in the supernatural or not. We can all live in harmony. That’s the joy of a secular society. Cheers and I hope you have a nice day and maybe try me again some day when you don’t see me as the enemy of your beliefs. Bruce x

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