Happy little feet

The usual holiday shuffle is taking place at the moment, with assorted family members all helping to juggle the kids when both Tracey & I are at work. Today, Tracey’s sister brought Cousin8 & Cousin3 over and stayed the day at our place with Master5 & Miss6. When Tracey finished she raced home so that her sister could rush off to work and we’ve got the cousins until their father finishes work.

House is a mess of books and blocks and screaming kids. It is great!!

Having family close by is a real boon. When Master18 & Miss15 were young I had no-one in the town that I could call upon and it was difficult, with a capital hard. Now we have my parents and Tracey’s parents, as well as Tracey’s sister and their Great-Grandmothers and it is wonderful. Not only are things much more manageable when holidays come around, but it’s a boon for the kids to experience their grandparents and great-grandparents.

In the hussle and bussle of raising a family and paying a mortgage we can forget to spend time just listening to kids. Grandparents can fill this important gap, and it’s good for all parties concerned.

Not to mention family bbq’s are a treat as well  😀

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  • Change of plan – Cousin8 and Cousin4 are staying the night and are in the room with Miss6, Master5 and Miss3. Giggles and whispers are streaming out of the room. We’ll let them carry on for another fifteen minutes or so before we crack down. I may be old and fat but I still remember how much fun it was to talk and laugh when you thought you were getting away with it 🙂

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