Putting Off Housework Can Be Scary


“Daddy, I have two things to tell you,” said Miss5.

She was standing in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, doing little jumps up and down and holding onto her wee wee.

“I bet,” I said, thinking I knew exactly what was coming. I took a second to yell for Miss3 to get herself into the bathroom for a shower, then turned back to Miss5. “What’s up?”

“Well, the first thing is I have finished my shower,” she told me, “so I need undies.”

For some reason Miss5 is unable to find undies by herself. Does my head in.

“And the second thing?” I asked, expecting her to say I should go get them while she goes to the toilet.

But instead of pointing to the loo she pointed to the vanity.

IMG_0972 (2)

“We don’t pee in the sink,” I said quickly, because we have standards in this house. “And why didn’t you just pee while you were in the shower?”

“The second thing,” Miss5 went on, ignoring me in much the same way her mother does, “is someone is hiding under the sink.”

“Where we keep the towels?” I asked her while trying not to think of any plots from the Thomas Harris books I’ve read. She nodded. “No one is hiding in there. There’s no room.”

I opened the cupboard door.

“Ahh, Jeez!” I squawked. I very nearly needed the bloody toilet myself.

Someone was!

Furthermore, it was a very scary someone.

“Get out of there and jump in the shower,” I snapped at Miss3. She must have been hiding for at least five minutes. “And you,” I said to Miss5, “go to the loo before you bust.”

On the plus side, it was a timely reminder I needed to get to work on that folding pile.

IMG_0973 (2)


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