The Grapes of Math

The Marketman came up trumps for us again yesterday, with a total of $40 giving us 20kg of potatoes and 10kg of green seedless grapes, all fresh from the Brisbane Markets. These prices are well under current supermarket prices, especially the spuds. I figure we’ve saved over $20 easily (going on the prices I vaguely remember spying when I was shopping earlier in the week).

Of course, being Devereaux’s the kids have devoured nearly half the grapes already. I gave them a couple of high fibre sandwiches each for lunch today, so hopefully that’ll balance things out or we might be running up to the school with some undies.

Buying fruit in bulk, usually one or two boxes a week, means our kids can eat healthy snacks without us having to snap at them to leave some for school lunches.

If you can find someone locally who buys from the markets for restaurants, or even if you simply ask green grocers for box prices, you’ll save money every week plus have more of the good stuff for you and your family.

What do you think?

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