Why My Kids Can Count On Me


“How are you enjoying being a stay at home dad?” Tracey asked me.

From her expression I could tell there was something going on. Something I was missing. Something which was my fault.

“I’m loving it,” I said, wondering where she was headed. I really am enjoying being a part timer at the bank though. Especially the extra time I’m getting with just Miss2 and Miss4. “I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on until now.”

Because the whole idea of me taking Thursdays off is to give my wife time alone with her photography business, I’ve been doing something I’m usually keen to avoid – taking more than one kid with me shopping and running chores. With the school runs and groceries and photography errands and running Grandad around town, we’re usually out all day.

About the only thing I won’t attempt is homework, because even though I work in a bank I don’t understand what they’re doing to numbers these days.

“And are the girls behaving for you?” Tracey wanted to know.

It is a lot more difficult to go to the shops with two kids. They tend to take off in different directions.

“Of course they are,” I said. “No worse than usual.”

I still had no idea where she was going with this or why she suddenly wanted to know if I was handling things okay.

“What have you heard?” I asked her. “Has someone dobbed me in for something?”

I tried to think what. A lot came to mind.

“Yep,” Tracey grinned, and then she called Miss2 into the room. “Let’s show Daddy how well you can count,” she suggested to our daughter.

Miss2 was happy to show off her smarts and started numbering off her fingers.

“One…two…you’ll getta smack…three…”

What do you know? I am teaching maths!


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