Why are schools teaching our kids about sex?


Nice to know we’re not the only parents getting bombarded with ‘my body’ questions lately. Although this story is probably the answer to the question, why are schools teaching our kids about sex?

“What are balls for?” the 7yr old son of friends asked recently.

The husband momentarily considered, ‘I use mine when I discuss things with your mother’, but didn’t feel like fighting just at that moment.

He more sensibly went with, “Well, that’s where you keep your sperm.”


“Your swimmers,” he explained.

At this point the horrified look on his wife’s face told him she would take it from here, thank you very much and also, he’s pretty sure, she called him an idiot. He let her have the floor.

She decided to take a leaf out of the Birds & Bees line of thinking and discuss Mother Nature and all her glory. And more specifically, cows.

“The sperm fertilizes the egg in the cow and that’s how baby calves are born,” she eventually summed up with a smile.

Their seven year old son, of course, soaked up all this new information with relish. Kids are a sponge at that age.

“So you know what your nads are for now?” my mate asked his son.

“I sure do,” the boy said. “They’re to fertilize cow’s eggs.”

And so I’m pretty sure this is why they’re teaching sex education in schools.

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  • Tried to tell Miss 10…she slapped her hands over her ears and ran outside screaming “nooooo, I’m not doing any of that.” How to traumatise your kid in one easy step….sigh!

  • Have pets – makes it a bit easier.

    Of course, then you have to explain how we are different to, say, central bearded dragons – who bite each other on the neck and often participate in something akin to a death roll.

    Or not so different, depending on your approach…

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