If you want to know the state of affairs in Europe any given year, check out the voting on Eurovision. Don’t be fooled, this is not a singing competition: this is high gloss, sequined, choreographed war.

But the best thing about Eurovision isn’t the singing, or even the fashion. It’s listening to Julia Zemiro. What the hell does she do the rest of the year? She’s fabulous and I, for one, want more of her on my telly. She absolutely makes my night.

Well, her and the group of Eurolovers I swap comments over the net all through the finals. I’m usually not a nasty person, but I confess Eurovision brings out my inner bitch. From the moment I see my first codpiece I’m usually off and running.

Initially, I wasn’t a big fan of Eurovision. And by initially, I mean for the first 44 years of my life. But then I didn’t really know much about it. In fact, I had it in my head Pseudo Echo won the competition with Funky Town and I’m ashamed to say I actually told people this, right up until someone mentioned the Euro in Eurovision effectively excluded an Australian band from even entering. Shame, because with that song they would have been a shoe in for top ten, minimum. I’m thinking, subconsciously, I assumed we could enter in the same way we’re allowed to compete in  the Commonwealth games and World Wars.

Speaking of wars, it’s about to start. If you need to contact me tonight you might be disappointed because I’m set to hoist up my discoball, dust of my pumps and don my best frock. At least on the inside. Yessirree, if the semifinals have been anything to go by it looks like tonight my dance card is full.

I have a guest post over on THE SHAKE website today, where I chat about why I love Eurovision and Russian grannies, and my severe lack of fashion sense.

My All-Time Favourite Comedy Music Festival

There are days in the family calendar which the kids look forward to more than any others. The Big Event days, like Christmas, Easter and Fathers Day.

But none is more highly anticipated than Eurovision.

Well, not quite. But I really am very, very excited about a night of hip shaking and belling laughs.

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