What Was My Wife Thinking?!

Miss6 looking exactly the opposite as she does during afternoon homework marathons – cute.

“That was exhaaaaausting!” said Master21, shaking his head as he came into the kitchen.

“What was?” I asked him as I gave him a big hug. I’d just arrived home from work and was really pleased to find him home for a couple of nights.

“He’s been helping with homework,” said Tracey. Then she explained she gave him Miss6 to supervise.

“Are you mad?” I hissed at my wife behind Master21’s back. “Letting him help with her homework – use your head!”

“He’s at university, Bruce. I think he can manage a year 3 reader.”

Like I was worried he couldn’t handle the work.

“How’d it go?” I asked Master21 with some trepidation.

“She was doing fine, reading her homework book,” he said. “But we were lying on her bed and suddenly I realized she wasn’t speaking English anymore. She went from reading to saying ummnommnommnomm nommnommnomm over and over and turning the pages at random.”

Then, when he pulled her up, she tried a different angle.

“You know,” Miss6 told him sweetly, “if you just sign on this spot here,” and she had the Home Reading Record Sheet and a pencil ready, “you can roll over and go to sleep, like you want.”

“No,” said Master21, “you have to read the whole book to me.”

She changed tack to whingy. “But there’s like 100 pages!”

There were 24 pages, and most of every page was filled with a picture.

“You have to read it,” insisted Master21.

She changed tack again.

“I know! You can read it to me and I’ll tell you if you get it wrong,” she tried.

As you might expect, the book took them quite some time to get through. One and a half hours.

This is why I thought Tracey had lost her marbles – Miss6 doing homework is the most contraceptive activity in the house. You come out of it completely washed out, for a start.

I tutt- tutted my wife some more.

“Don’t you want grandchildren?” I admonished her. “Next time get him to play something cute with the girls, or start up the Xbox. He loves playing computer games with the kids.”

Hopefully, there’s no permanent damage done. Time will tell.

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