A Glass And A Half (And Then Some)


“I give up! I quit!” Tracey said as she stomped through the kitchen.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked, looking up from my book and hoping like hell it wasn’t me. I was leaning against the kitchen bench. Originally I’d been reading at the dining table but I kept having to get up to give Miss1 a drink so I’d just set myself up next to the sink.

“It never ends,” Tracey said. “I’m cleaning one room and they’re destroying another. You won’t believe what I just caught your daughter doing.”

As if on cue, Miss1 tottered into the kitchen. She pulled a new cup out of a drawer and handed it to me.

“Was she pulling all the clothes out of the cupboard again?” I asked over my shoulder as I filled the cup with water.

“What are you doing?” Tracey demanded.

I handed the cup to Miss1.

“Giving her a drink,” I said. Obviously.

Miss1 went to run off with her cup clutched in her hands, but Tracey stopped her.

“How many drinks have you given her?”

“It’s only water.” It’s not like I was feeding the child red cordial.

“How many?” she asked again.

“Six. Maybe seven.”


“And it hasn’t occurred to you that six or seven cups of water is an awful lot? What is she, a bucket?”

I really hadn’t given that much thought. I mean, she wanted a cup of water and when I gave it to her she ran away and left me alone with my book.

“Come and look at this,” said Tracey, and I followed her into the girls’ bedroom…

…where Miss1 had been feeding cup after cup of water to Miss6’s $200 doll on the bed. The whole scene looked like a pipe had burst.

“If you need me,” said Tracey, smiling sweetly and reefing the book out of my hands before leaving me to clean things up, “I’ll be on our bed, reading.”

This photo has nothing to do with this latest event, but I just thought I’d include it to add balance to the story because Tracey turned her back on Miss1 for ten seconds in the bathroom and this happened. Now surely she’s not allowed to tell me how much better she is at looking after Miss1 😉

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