Boys & Their Toys

What is it about boys and their wee little toys?

My youngest son likes to use his as a periscope when he’s in the bath. At least, I think that’s what he thinks he’s doing.

This afternoon, a friend of mine was telling me a story about his youngest son, Boy6.

It’s school holidays, so while mum was in the office their two sons, aged 8 and 6, were amusing themselves in the yard with bikes and play equipment.

They have a large, neatly lawned property – just perfect for racing around and kicking balls and playing.  It’s nothing for the boys to spend hours outside. There’s heaps of stuff to do.

Like waving at the passing cars.

It was his Nanny who stumbled across Boy6. As she drove up to their property she saw a kid in her daughter’s driveway jumping up and down and wiggling his hips at the passing cars.

“What’s that bugger up to?” she thought as she approached.

As she turned into the drive she realized exactly what he was doing, because her grandson was also butt naked. The jumping and wiggling was to animate his wanga.

One of the hardest things to do when faced with a situation like this is to not laugh. But Nanny wasn’t new to dealing with wayward boys. Instead of getting him dressed and back inside she put him to work weeding the garden. And because he was embracing a naturalist lifestyle, she let him do it naked.

So why was Boy6 flipping his dinky at passing cars? 

Well I guess when you’ve got such a fun toy you want to show it off – and let’s face it, hardly anyone passes by while you’re in the bath.

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