What Skullduggery Is This?!

My little brother is fit in the same way I’m not.

The best jokes are when you’re not even meaning to be funny. It’s like the universe has a sense of humour, and I for one like that idea.

‘I bought a scull,’ my brother messaged me a few weeks ago and sent some photos showing off his latest ‘pretty’.

Shane and I were both fortunate enough to go to high schools which offered still water rowing as a sport. It’s still is my second favourite physical activity – no prize for guessing number one.

Naturally I phoned him up, wanting to know the details, and specifically, what the name of his new boat was.

“Umm….,” he said. “It’s G.C.C.B. or something like that. Four initials.”

“What do they stand for?”

He admitted he had no idea.

“I’ve been thinking maybe I should change the name,” he said.

Which was when I came up with a fantastic idea.

“Call it Duggery,” I told him.

I’m good at naming stuff. I’ve named all my children, although neither of my two wives would let me have Fester for a boy or Morticia for a girl.

“Scull Duggery. That’s clever,” Shane agreed, immediately seeing my rather clever point.

It wasn’t. It wasn’t clever at all.


But the poor decision at naming his boat wasn’t discovered until weeks later.

The first I knew about it was when I rocked up at his house and he wanted to know if I knew what duggery means. I suspect, from his tone, he suspected I might.

“Skullduggery?” I said. “It means you’re up to no good.”

“No, not skullduggery. Duggery,” said Shane, pointedly. “I ordered the name, like you said would be a great joke, and then I thought maybe I should look it up.”


He sent me this screen shot of his order.

Let’s just say if he hadn’t looked up the meaning and cancelled the order Shane might have been wondering why no one at the boat shed was keen to meet him for coffee after a morning row on the Brisbane River.

So you might be wondering what duggery means? Can I just say I had no idea. No, he doesn’t believe me either. I’ve included an image what Google threw up for us at the bottom of this post. But be warned – there’s an ewww factor.

A part of me is seriously miffed he didn’t go ahead with this. It’s not a particularly nice part of me, I’ll admit, but it’s there.

Mind you, I’m not saying it would have changed my eagerness to convince him to use this name. In fact, I might even have ordered the gold lettering for him.

Okay, so the last two letters are C and B
A beautiful bit of craftsmanship
All it really needs is a name Shanus can be proud of.
Here's the punchline
So just maybe not this one. Shanus, I swear I had no idea. Honestly. 

Raising a family on little more than laughs

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