We’ve Hit a Wall

There was a ruckus from the other end of the house. A good ruckus. Loud voices, thumps and laughter and all manner of not screaming at each other.

Who doesn’t like to hear their kids playing well together?

It makes me think maybe – just maybe – I’ve done something right. I don’t claim to be a perfect parent or even think myself a particularly good parent. I do, however, love each of my kids more than a barfly loves 10am and strive to do ‘the best I can’.

So, yeah, I love the loud sounds of my kids getting along.

Although not after bedtime, obviously.

And not before I’m awake and have a coffee inside my belly.

Also, not so much while I’m repeating sentences to my near deaf mother on the phone, which also requires much caffeine, but at almost most other times I love it.

“Daddy, you need to come,” said Miss6, tottering excitedly into our room.

She explained Miss11 had something clever to show me.

“Be there in a sec,” I said, continuing to type.

“Okay, but hurry,” she said, racing off.

My hope, of course, was that she would hurry up and forget I was supposed to be following her.

Within seconds I heard a noise.


Gaffaws and giggles followed this loud sound. I paid it no mind. Assuming it would sto-


Louder laughter.


I knew it was only a matter of time until I’d have to check it out, and sure enough I saw movement of the corner of my eye.

“What’s going on in there?” Tracey asked me from her editing computer, continuing to type in much the same way I’d just done to Miss6.

This question was a clear – some might say threatening – signal for me to jump into action and father.

“WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE?!” I yelled out as I typed on.

Tracey sighed like I knew she would.

“I could have done that myself,” she said.

“I was thinking the same thing.”


Peels of laughter.

“Bruce! Please!”

I scampered out of the room rather than risk being sent to the naughty corner. To be fair to my wife, she was editing some of the forty shoots (!) she did this past two weeks while I was merrily chatting on Facebook with one of you guys.


I arrived in the family room to find four kids rolling around on the carpet about ready to pee themselves while Miss6 landed heavily on her bum. Something hilarious was going on but for the life of me I couldn’t see what it was.

“Watch this, Dad!” yelled Miss8, hoisting Miss6 up so they stood facing each other . “I’m a hypnotist!”

“You’re feeling very sleepy,” she said to her little sister in a sing-song voice. Miss6’s eyes fluttered and closed obediently. “When I snap my fingers you will wake up,” said Miss11, “and…run into the wall!”

I’d barely worked out what was just said when she clicked her fingers and I was shown.

Thud, went Miss6, pelting herself headfirst into the wall.

The kids erupted again.

So okay, I love the loud sounds of my kids getting along…

…except when they’re risking brain damage in an attempt to try to get their young sister to knock herself out. FFS.

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I’m not saying it’s affected her at all, but this is how she dressed and posed herself for a shoot with Tracey shortly afterwards.

That’s better.

Raising a family on little more than laughs

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