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kivaWell, it’s that time of the month again when the Kiva repayments flood into our account and we’re able to choose someone else to help out.

This month I’ve decided it’s my turn to pick from the 4,385 loans currently seeking sponsors.

The beauty of Kiva, for someone on our budget, is we only need US$25 to contribute towards a loan and then the person pays it back. We don’t make interest on the loan, but then this is an investment of good will and charity.

In the past we’ve mainly helped people in agriculture, but tonight, when I saw Tohir poised seductively over his keys with his Brian Ferry hair, I was smitten. What the world needs is more of this grass roots music. Especially in Tajikstan.

(Actually musical needs in Tajikstan, and for that matter the world, may differ).

Here’s what Tohir’s application had to say:

This man is 31 years old and he is a singer from the A. Jomi region. His name is Tohir and he has had a talent for singing since childhood, but he only started singing professionally seven years ago. He received this talent from his father, who was also a talented singer in his time. Tohir works at weddings and other special occasions. He has a wonderful voice and he always has enough work. He wants to increase his assortment of musical instruments and expand his business, but these instruments are expensive, which is why Tohir needs a loan. To realize this goal, he needs $3,000 USD. He is greatly hoping to receive financial support.

Kiva is a fantastic way to help the people the banks won’t. Kiva makes small loans, made up of small US$25 increments contributed by good, caring people throughout the world. If you’d like to have a look and see if this is something you and your family might be interested in, here’s a LINK.

And if you’re one of the 226 people who have already joined up through Big Family Little Income to help those in less fortunate positions than ourselves, log on and check out your account – with this month’s repayments in you might have enough to loan some good will to someone else.

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