We help a woman in Rwanda educate her kids

Our second loan for the month, we’re helping a woman in Rwanda to buy more goods to sell in her shop, the profits of which she’ll use to pay school fees for two of her four kids.

“Eluminee is 30 years old. She has four children aged between 3 and 10 years. Two of them go to school. She is married to a farmer. She has a small shop which she has been running for four years.

With the loan she will buy more products such as sugar, rice and cooking oil to sell. The profits from the business will be used for paying school fees. She wants to have a big shop in the future.”

Educating our kids, as with so much else, is something we tend to take for granted in this country. Like unemployment benefits and health care and even clean water.
We love helping people through Kiva. We especially love that the money we use comes back to us by way of repayments so we get to use it to again to help someone else 🙂

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