We have a p.r.o.b.l.e.m.

We’re in trouble. Master6’s reading and spelling skills are costing us money.

His reading earned me a scowl from his mother tonight.
Master6 was looking over my shoulder tonight reading my blog. Which would be fine, except he started reading the one on Skylanders (Thank you! It’s just what my father wanted!), which has a little bit in it (all of it) about his birthday present tomorrow. Fortunately for us (me) he didn’t get far before we realized.
The giveaway was when he said with a cheeky grin, “Hey, why is mum worried about Skylanders?”
Another couple of paragraphs and Tracey probably would have throttled me.
His spelling has been a problem for much longer.
Since time immeasurable (8 years ago) we’ve been spelling things over the kids’ heads. But that’s all changed now.
I remember the good days when we could communicate by spelling out loud the names of the things we were considering: well, things of three and four letters anyway. I’ve always struggled with longer words – mainly cause I lose interest and disappear back into my own thoughts. Tracey will be like, “We should take the kids to M. C. D. O…..”
And in my head I’ll be, “M. C. That’s Mc. Mc-something is where we’re going here. D. O. Do. What was the first letter? Bugger I’ve lost it. I always do this. We should bring a pencil and paper. I haven’t read the paper today.”
Meanwhile, Tracey will be still be, “N.A.L…..you’re not listening to me!”
And suddenly I’m caught in the headlights of her wrath and it doesn’t look like she’s going to even try to swerve to avoid hitting me. Then, from the back seat, my little saviour will step in.
“Mum thinks we should go to McDonald’s, Dad.” Master6 will explain helpfully.
“McDonalds!! Yay!!!” the girls will scream. 
And so we’d go to McDonalds, cause once that cat’s out of the bag there’s no getting it back in. And all because I can’t spell but my youngest son can.

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