Twisted family fun

Wednesday night is family night, and Twister is still the favourite amongst the kidlies.

While Tracey was away getting her hair done Master18 was home tonight, which the little ones loved, and Miss15 spun the arrow while the rest of us made fools of ourselves. Miss6 again incorporated chemical warfare by tooting in our general direction. Needless to say, she won.

After Twister we sat around the lounge room and told a story together, with everyone adding their bit in turn. The result was hilarious, if a little disjointed. It involved a boy named Balderdash, who became a girl (details were a little hazy on how this was achieved), and lived in a candy house but didn’t like candy and disliked that everyone was eating his house. Turns out Balderdash just wanted to open a restaurant and cook vegetables for his friends, Balderhead and Baldereyeball. Great fun  😀

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