Prawn Cracker


“What the…?”

I’d buttered two slices of bread before peeling the prawns in the sink and they weren’t where I was sure I’d left them – on top of the loaf of bread.

The benches were chock full of dishes and other various paraphernalia from dinner and post afternoon snacks – the dishes still needed doing and things like Vegemite needing putting back in the fridge. Tracey had cooked sausages and mash for the kids, which I decided I couldn’t face, so I’d pulled out a dozen prawns from the freezer to make a sandwich with and defrosted them in salty water. With the prawns in my hands I began to search between the bowls, cups, cutlery and pans, wondering if maybe they’d slid off. Nope. On the floor? Nope.

“What have I done?” I wondered out loud.

Which was when Miss3 wandered back through the kitchen with a one slice sandwich in her hand.

“Can I have another Begemide sandwich, Mummy?”  she called out to Tracey, who was in the next room at her computer.

“Sure, Darling,” Tracey called back, her voice muffled from having a full mouth. She emerged from the room clutching the remains of my other slice of bread and took in my frowny face and my prawn filled hands.

“Oh,” she grinned evilly. “Were they for you?”

Note to self – when Tracey cooks sausages and mash for dinner, be smart and just eat the things. That woman doesn’t take rejection well 🙂

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