Today Was Bit Of A Drag


The middle one’s his Blue Steel.


Odd sort of a day today. Not least because the kids decided to dress up.

Tracey was in the kitchen when she heard a clomp, clomp, clomping behind her. Thinking Miss3 was into her shoes again, Tracey was surprised to find Master8 walking past her in her wedding heels.

“These things are hard,” he told her. “How do you do it?”

“Practice,” she told him.

And that’s what he did for the rest of the afternoon – even changing shoes a few times before settling on the nice numbers in the pics above, which Tracey bought on our honeymoon in Thailand.

By the time I arrived home he was strutting his stuff and had added my Heidi Hat (so it looked like he had ponytails) and a few accessories. And he was working it.

“I hate that hat,” Tracey murmured to me. She does. (There’s a pic on this post showing how awesome it looks on me: Snow Job).

“Seriously,” I scoffed at her, “he’s wearing your heels and you’re still gonna have a go at the hat?”

“Guys make a career out of wearing pumps,” she said. “Look at Eddie Izzard and KISS.” She shook her head in the general direction of our son’s head. “Nothing good has ever come out of wearing something like that.”

“Might I just add,” I said, “you produced children with a man who wears a hat like that. That very hat, in fact.”

“Might I just add,” said Tracey, never one to let a comment like that pass, “I can assure you you’ve never produced a child on any night you’ve worn that hat.”

I don’t know if that’s true or she’s making it up, but that is probably the first decent argument she’s put up for me to not wear it.

“Besides,” she added, “it actually looks good on him. It’s you that makes the hat look bad.”

If she thinks I look bad in the hat, she should have seen me stumbling around the eighties in my black pumps.

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