Ticked Off

Class newsletters are always full of interesting snippets, especially when one of our kids is singled out for something they’ve accomplished. Like last week’s edition for Master7 year two class.

“Congratulations to M, L, T & K for completing every homework for the year so far! This is particularly fantastic for one child as she has been away and yet still managed too complete her homework. Unfortunately there are 2 other children who did NO HOMEWORK all term! Very disappointing!”

I’ll tell you what was disappointing about this note – Master7 wasn’t mentioned for getting all his homework done. He’s always the first to finish his set work at home because then he can read his books or play outside.

As for those two kids who haven’t done their homework. Tut Tut. Some parents just don’t see the value in homework. When I was a single dad with my oldest two, homework was a nightmare. I’d work all day, pick up the kids from daycare, get home and start dinner. Homework was not my priority and finding time was a trial some weeks, but I understood why it had to be done.

As did my mum when I was a kid, which was why she unfailingly did it for me.

These days, with Tracey being home four afternoons a week, it isn’t as difficult to find the time, but I’m told the frustration aspect still exists.

So you might imagine Tracey’s surprise when she ran into the teacher after school this week and found out Master7 was one of those two kids who hadn’t handed in homework ALL TERM!.

“But he does it!” she told the teacher, her voice begging to be believed. “I’m forever finding the completed homework sheets on the floor in his roo….ahhhh.”

This makes no sense to me. I always made sure I handed mum’s homework in first thing I walked into class.

Naturally, Tracey confronted Master7 about this and, naturally, he immediately saw an opportunity.

“What do I get if I hand my homework in?” We let Miss8 and Master7 buy a book for three consecutive weeks of getting all their spelling words correct. Turns out he thought a computer for three successful weeks of handing in homework sounded about right. Unsurprisingly, Tracey had other ideas.

“Well we could work on a reward system, but since handing your homework in is something you have to do I think we’ll go with punishment instead. No homework handed in means no DS that weekend.”

All I know is there better only be one kid on the next newsletter who hasn’t handed in homework all term.

And for the love of Pete, let it be someone else’s kid.


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