Less is Best

This isn’t even everything!

Best & Less are having the kind of sale which makes other sales look half hearted.

I walked past the local Best & Less store front today and spotted a sale sign in the window so I phoned Tracey and suggested she drop in.

“We’re a bit tight this week,” Tracey said. “I think we’ll have to miss it.”

“Are you sure?” I pressed. “It’s not 50% off sale. It’s 50% off the already discounted prices. You might pick up one or two things. I was just chatting to someone who picked up a $15 swim set for her daughter for $2.50.”

She was there within twenty minutes. A further twenty minutes, Tracey had so many ‘one or two things’ in her arms she had to dump them at the counter so she could keep shopping.

Ultimately she spent $125, picking up $485 of clothes, most of which we’ll put aside for the kids’ growth spurts next year. We keep boxes of clothes we’ve bought at sales up high in the cupboards so when the kids grow we have their new wardrobes all ready.

I don’t feel like I’ve really emphasized how amazing this sale is so let me put it in the clearest way I know how – we’ve just saved enought money for 8 cartons of beer!

Now apparently this sale is good until Saturday so get to it people. Cheers.

Me with my happy ‘gonna get some beer’ face on.


  • i went to our local best and less two weeks ago, picked up the kids bathers and summer pjs next size up, all more than 50% off. your deals sound better đŸ™‚ might be a good time to pop in again and see what else i can find. you guys must have a mega clothing storage area, lol.

  • We do! Plastic storage boxes in the top of our floor to ceiling (in a high ceiling house) wardrobes. Also, I worked out these savings from the prices which came up on the dockets, but looking at the tags on individual items it seems we saved even more than we thought – eg one dress had a tag for $26 even though the till receipt said it had an original price of $20. Savings on recommended retail more likely closer to $400!

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