The Storm Before The Calm


The thunder was edging closer even as I edged my way towards the front door.

“I’ve got to go back to work,” I told Miss4.

She was clutching my leg and crying at the idea I was putting myself in mortal danger by going outside.

“Noooo, Daa-aaddy!” she bellowed as another clap tore a new one in the sky. “You’ll dieeee!”

As immortalized in song by those big haired bards, thunder bolts and lightning are very, very frightening. Especially if you’re four. Not that we even had the lightning yet. I was trying to make it back to work before they started.

“I tell you what,” I said, clutching around at something to take her mind off my impending doom. I daresay it was the fact I’d just stood up from checking my emails on my laptop which prompted my next comment. “If I don’t come back you can have my computer.”

What could be more reassuring than that?

“What?!” came a chorus from the bigger kids.

Isn’t that sweet, I thought to myself. They’re worried I won’t come back too.

Not even close.

“Why does she get your laptop?” complained Master9.

“Well can I have your phone?” asked Miss10.

“Why should you get Dad’s phone?” Master9 wanted to know. “There’s going to be nothing left for me.”

“Are the iPods yours or Mum’s, Dad?” Miss10 asked me.

“Don’t promise anything until I’ve worked out what I want, Dad,” Master9 advised.

Then a little voice pipped up.

“What else can I have, Daddy?” asked Miss4.

At least she wasn’t crying anymore.

Although, as I headed down to my car ahead of the wet weather, I wondered if maybe there’d be more tears if I made it home that night safe and sound. Or not.


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