The Scariest Thing At Australia Zoo

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The scariest thing happened at lunch. Often the price of lunch at a theme park is the terrifying.

But that wasn’t it. The prices were more surprising than scary because they were actually quite reasonable.

The scary bit was something which happened during lunch.

Miss3 suddenly shot bolt upright, her eyes wide.

“Toily!” she squealed.

“I got it,” I said, more because I needed to go myself than any altruistic, superdad leanings.

“Me!” yelled Miss1. She had a nappy on but she’s at that stage where she doesn’t like to be left out of anything.

Taking the two little girls to the disabled loo, because it’s roomy and can fit us all in, I locked the door and set about helping Miss3 get comfortable. When she was done we washed her hands, and Miss1’s, and it was my turn.

I’d just started when I heard the most frightening sound behind me.

The rattling of a door handle and the words, “I go back to Mummy now, Daddy. Bye.”

“No!” I yelled, trying desperately to reach out a hand to pull Miss3 away from the door while simultaneously avoiding any spillage.

So snakes, crocs, tigers, lizards, aligators, dingos, cheetahs and snakes be damned, the scariest part of my day at Australia Zoo was when I thought my ‘snake’ was going to feature in its own show.

All up, excluding entry price because they let us come and look around for free so long as we agreed to give away a Family 5 Pass to some lucky reader, we spent about $60 on each of us, but that bought everything from lunch, drinks and snacks to souvenirs like soft toys, boomerangs and t-shirts (and even  $100 on photos with cute koalas and snakes).

And, by crikey, it was worth every, single cent 🙂


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So there it is. I’ve had my theme park expectations turned on their heads. Not only did the kids and I LOVE getting in amongst the animals, we can’t wait to go back and see them again. Maybe next time as a Zoo Keeper for the day.


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