The Great Shave

Well, it’s done. The shaving, I mean. I have to say, it’s not an easy thing to clear the undercarriage. I just don’t bend that well. Plus I don’t think I’ll be invited to work at Viva Beauty Salon anytime soon. Whole thing was a bit of a disaster.
I purchased a new razor for the deed – a four blade beauty with pivoting head. Unfortunately, rather than make the whole thing easier it just meant I was four times more likely to cut myself – and I knew things weren’t going well when I somehow managed to nick my nose. Plus the aftershave had me dancing around the bathroom for five full minutes.
So, today’s the day. I’m not worried about the procedure (yet), just a little sad about no more kids. Although with six I hardly have a case to complain about missing out.
Wish me luck 😀

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