The Crap Trap


Going forward, I have one job: to look after the house and the kids so Tracey can focus on her photography business. It’s why I’m giving up banking.

Fortunately, because I’m also planning on using this time to up my blogging output, it looks like I’m correct in assuming this will give me more material to work with.

Take this week, for example…


It was a male voice.

In fact, I knew exactly who it was because I’d said hello to the bloke fifteen minutes earlier when he arrived with his family to have some studio photos taken by my wife. I’d made him a sensational cup of coffee and was rather charming, but I’m guessing that isn’t what he’s going to remember me for.

“I’m on the loo!” I called out.

How’s that for professional?

“No worries!” he yelled back. “Your daughter came up to the studio.” Shit! So to add insult to injury I was probably in for a mouthful from my wife later.  “Tracey asked me to give her back to you.” Yep. Definitely.

“Great!” I called back. “Just send her in he….oh hello.”

Miss3 had stuck her head around the bathroom door.

“Daddy!” she squealed when she saw me on the throne.

“You good?!” came the shout.

“Yeah, thanks! I got this!” From my position I attempted to shut the bathroom door behind Miss3. “Thank you! Hope you get some nice photos!”

Yeah, this is starting out really well…


 ~ raising a family on little more than laughs ~

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