Ever Wondered Why Tracey Sticks With Me?


If you’ve ever read one of my posts and then thought, ‘what the hell is Tracey doing letting him near her children’, you’re not alone. I have too.

But now I have the answer to this mystery.

Tracey did the class photos for the local Alma St Prep this year, and such is her way with kids that suddenly all the kiddies there seem to recognize her in the street or when she drops our Miss4 there.

Even I’m now being introduced to customers’ kids in the bank as The Photographer Lady’s Husband.

One little girl was in the bank the other day and, after introductions, I gave her a sleeve of stickers from one of the books we keep in the branch to hand out to kids.

“Now you make sure you put them in places your mum can’t find,” I told the young girl. Because I’m a shit like that.

I know kids love getting stickers – that’s why we give them out – but I didn’t realize just how big a deal this was until Tracey received a Facebook message from the mum involved.

We were in the bank yesterday and Bruce gave (my daughter) some stickers and I told (her) Bruce is your husband. She said to me just now when she found the stickers in the car: “Tracey is so lucky she has a husband who works at a bank because she gets her own bank account and even gets stickers when she’s good!”

Yep, clearly this is why Tracey keeps me around.

stickers (2)
Stick around, baby. There’s more where these come from.

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