The Clean Team

There was a ruckus around my ankles while I was trying to finish the dishes this morning, so I pulled out a couple of new wipes, wet them and handed one each to Miss4 and Miss1.

“How would you like to help daddy by wiping the draws?” I asked. You’d have thought I pulled out a tub of icecream.
Often all that is needed is to give the kids a little distraction: a task to keep them occupied. And if they perceive that task as being involved in whatever you’re involved in, all the better. Have you ever tried to wash the car and have the kids simply look on? Not going to happen. Afterall, we are their favourite toys.
Chattering and giggling their way around the kitchen, they finally bored of the whole idea ten minutes later and went outside to their bikes, having completely forgotten their original purpose for entering the kitchen in the first place – which was presumably to annoy me.

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