Apples Mangoes Watermelon

A box of apples, a tray of mangoes and a watermelon – looks like we better stock up on loo tickets this week.

The Marketman really came through for us today. We’d sent him away with an order for a box of Pink Ladies but they were $50 a box, which is what he charged us for all the above fruit (16 mangoes! Tracey is humming). Instead of Pink Ladies he bought us a box of the sweetest Sundowners ($30).

It’s good to have someone on your side who knows their job.

Our fruit comes straight from the Brisbane market so it’s as fresh as you can get without going out to the farms yourself. This means it lasts longer and is much, much better value than buying from a supermarket.

Great idea is to find out who buys for your local green grocers and track them down to see if they like the odd private order. So long as you don’t muck them about and start demanding half boxes you can save some bucks this way. If you know you won’t ever eat a whole box of apples before they become worm food, find a friend or two and share the fruit and veg between you.

Not that this is a problem for us.

We haven’t had a bulk fruit order since we came back from holidays and the kids were chomping at the bit for some fruit – kids are about three apples off having devoured a tray already.

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