5 Tips To Beat The Christmas Rush


It’s not as hard you think…is something I only like to say when referring to Christmas. Christmas is the most wonderful, magical, exciting, smile-attracting and enthusiastically anticipated time of the year. Even more-so than Father’s Day. But it’s also stressful. Well good news, folks, I’m here to help.
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Two things quickly became obvious on our last full day in Wonga Beach. Firstly, we need to avoid Sunday markets like they’re flooded causeways because you don’t know how big the money pit under the dreamy casual surface is until you step in, and secondly…

Shoplifting Right Under My Nose


Shopping centres and supermarkets seem to attract crooks.

I’ve worked in retail so I’ve seen my fair share of it, from drive offs at the pump to the five finger discounts on sweets and drinks.

So when this guy at the supermarket this morning seemed to take a serious interest in the contents of my shopping trolley I knew just how to handle it.