Story Of My Life, In 7 Photos

Found the remains of Miss3’s lunch on the step. Asked her to please come back out and clean it up.


Remains of Miss3’s lunch made it as far as the old school desk on the balcony. Realised the error of my ways this time and when I called Miss3 back out I specified she needed to put the cup next to the sink.


Again, I see where I went wrong. This time when I called her out I specified I wanted the cup next to the kitchen sink.


Cup made it to the kitchen sink okay, but left moments later full of water, which Miss3 then decided to spill all over the carpet. Because apparently that’s allowed now.


Remains of lunch at least made and stayed in the kitchen. I stood and pointed and waited while she put it into the bin this time. But where was that cup?


Cup is back within a meter of where it started. Seriously, I couldn’t make this shite up.


Finally. In related news, I’m gonna teach the kids to drink directly out of the tap.

A See Change

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  • Children are literal minded to the exclusion of all else – my 7 year old takes advantage of this.

    Every day last week I asked if she had homework and she answered “no”.
    Thursday I drop her off to school and her friend says “did you bring your homework because if we all hand it in we get a chocolate frog”

    “Penny” I say to my child “you said you have no homework this week.
    “That’s right mum, I don’t. I lost it on Monday just after the teacher gave it to us”

    Serves me right for being so broad in the questioning. Should know better really

  • I only took the initial photos to have a chuckle with Tracey (because she’d be missing this stuff – yep, seriously) and then it just went on and on and on

  • Hello Bruce, very pleased for you all re Tracey’s progress. I am a grandma of 9 (64yrs) and like to make life easier for myself. A changed routine in our house when grandies are here. No cups plastic or otherwise. Water bottles refilled. I don’t have washing up like before. Only about 8 water bottles to find. It’s really handy for age 5 up. And me. Cheers Kathy.

  • It actually took me a while to see the cup in the second last photo. Well played, Miss Three … well played.

    Good idea to send Tracey these little vignettes from home. She wouldn’t want to miss one abandoned crust or random fruit sticker. How’s that collection going by the way?

    I only recently realised that my seven year old has been sticking them to the side of the TV cabinet. It’s like a shrine to every apple he’s ever enjoyed in front of the box.

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