Stop the press!

I got the call yesterday.

“Hey, can we take your photo? We’re doing a piece in the Gympie Times on the government’s cash bonus to help families with the cost of education. Your name came up at the morning meeting. What do you think?”

They had me with, “Can we take your photo?” I will take any opportunity to get my mug in the paper. I’m a media tart. My thinking is one day, some two or three generations down the track, a descendant of ours will be doing their family tree and I want to give them something to find. Sometimes I wonder if my strategy might be too successful.

“I found something,” a great great grandchild of mine will exclaim. “No wait, it’s nothing. Just that daft looking Bruce again. He’s everywhere!”

Tracey wasn’t quite so quick to jump at the chance for immortality when they rang to request her and the kids in the photo.

“I don’t want to be the face of government hand outs!”

What finally won Tracey over was the idea of having a photo with her and the kids – she’s the family photographer this doesn’t happen very often.

The paper also asked me to give them my top ideas (cause I’m so smarts) for what to do with the money. Here’s what I sent them:

Save. My wife suggests we save ours for her birthday.
Holiday. But more Tin Can Bay than Byron Bay.
Toys. So these payments arriving the same time as the toy catalogue sales start. Coincidence?
Waste. With all the boxes discarded after toy sale, they might need to bring the dump charges in early.
Medicine. Painkillers are really expensive these days. Especially as I prefer mine from a stubby.
Formula. Two tickets to Gold Coast Indy will do. Kids can watch it on cable at Nanny’s.
Petrol. For commuting to and from second job required to pay for all the price hikes coming our way.
Coffee. Needed to keep head clear for late night worrying about how we’re going to pay bills.
Supplies. I’m thinking tin food and candles – for when they cut our power.
Charity. People could give the money to some form of charity. FYI we accept cheques.

As it turns out we got a big photo on the front page and another on page five with the article.

The really great thing about a small town rag is the kids get their faces in it nearly every year – you can’t do that in a big city. 

The kids are thrilled and I’ve been having great fun with it all day at work.

Yep, the great, great, great grandkids are gonna love that.

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