Smear Campaign

Not the undies in question. A certain young lady drew a line at that 😉


“Ahhh!” came squeals from the bedroom tonight. “Go away!”

The kids were dressing themselves after showers – which can take anywhere from a minute to until we do it for them – and there was obviously some shenanigans going on. Which is absolutely fine by me, provided I don’t have to intervene.

“Da-aad!” called out Master10. “Dad, can you help us please?”

“I would,” I called back, “but I can’t hear you asking me.”

“I said please.”

“I think I have a build up of wax in my ears.”

From here things escalated quickly. There was some more thumping around in the bedroom and lots more screaming from Master10, Miss8 and Miss5, and delighted giggling from Miss3. Then finally things came to a head.

“Mu-uum!” called out Master10.

“Bruce, would you please go and see what’s going on?” Tracey called out from her office. “And FYI,” she added, “I said please too.”

There was chaos in the room. Miss3 was chasing the three older siblings around the room with a pair of undies, attempting to rub their faces with it.

“Make her stop!” squealed Miss5 from under a bed.

She shouldn’t have said anything. Miss3 worked out where she was and crawled under the bed to slam the undies into Miss5’s face.

It was all a great laugh while I corralled Miss3 on a bed and attempted to dig the undies out of her hands. She was having a great time and didn’t want to relinquish her new-found fun.

“Now somebody put these back in the cupboard,” I said, holding the undies out.

No one claimed them.

But then Miss11 walked in, fresh from her shower.

“Dad!” she said, giving me a funny look. “Why have you taken my dirty undies out of the washing basket?”

If you think the screams were loud before I managed to get the undies off Miss3, you should have heard them as Miss5, Miss8 and Master10 raced to the bathroom to wash their faces!

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