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When I first thought about becoming a parent, over twenty years ago when Star Wars was new and we didn’t even know Darth Vader was Luke’s dad, all I could envision were butterfly kisses and raspberries on tummies. The reality is something entirely different though, isn’t it?

Little Miss1 got her fingers into her nappy tonight. Suffice to say I wasn’t happy. Neither was she once she got a whiff of it. I pulled out the baby wipes and got busy on cleaning her up.

Only thing was, every time I grabbed her hand and sniffed her fingers I could still smell it. It was half a dozen wipes down the track before I realized the smell wasn’t coming from her fingers, it was now coming from mine!

Hand up anyone who even considered this sort of scenario when they signed up for parenthood.

I’ve got mates who gag when they change their kid’s nappies – especially once the little buggers hit the solids. I’ve got to say, my experience is by kid number six you’re more upset you have to go to the bathroom to wash your hands and miss a bit of The Big Bang Theory than you are about a bit of poo on your fingers.

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