School Holidays: Day Three

Kids playing holiday games is the best fun. 

Surprisingly, no disasters have befallen the household at this point of the school holidays.

Except we’re out of towels. There’s at least thirty in this house and none are clean. Yesterday we ran out of tea towels, which our littlest girls seem to use for everything from mopping up milk and paint spills to tossing at the cats, but never for actually drying dishes. But today, towels intended on being a problem.

“Sorted,” said Tracey when I mentioned this to her, naked and dripping in the bathroom. She handed me a not quite dry one which, like my kids, hadn’t had enough time hanging around outside. “Just spoke to Nanny. She’s taking three kids for a couple of nights.”

“Which three?”


“Brilliant!” I told her, meaning it. Although it did raise an important question. “Why don’t we solve more problems like this?”

Aside from the towel and tea towel thing, it’s all rather normal here. For example, every wardrobe and drawer in the kids’ rooms seems to have done a party popper impression, exploding all over the floor, but that’s just a midweek thing.

I think it’s fair to say the kids are having an awesome holiday so far, with lots of other kids over to play and lots of game playing – not all of it electronic.

It all looked like so much fun that today I decided to join in and play a game of my own: hide and seek. I’m the best at this game. No-one ever finds me.

Mainly because they know they’re not allowed to wake me unless it’s an emergency.

“I was clever about it,” I explained to Tracey when I woke up an hour later. She was in the kitchen talking to a friend. “You didn’t even know I was hiding.”

“I knew you were asleep,” said Tracey.

“No you didn’t,” I assured her.

“I took a photo.”

“You did not.”

Yep, she did.

I’m starting to think I’ve demanded evidence before.

So lot’s of fun and, other than the one involving me essentially drying myself with water, not too many holiday hassles here.

Although I suspect that’s about to change.

Master12 and his cousin have invented a new game called Scooter Soccer. As the name implies, it involves opposing teams on scooters tearing around on our balcony kicking a soccer ball at each other – and it will end badly.

But that’s okay because I know what to do now when disaster does predictably strike.

I’ll send them off to Nanny’s for a few nights!


I’m thinking there could be a book in this.

CPAC mask in place. Otherwise she’d just have had to follow the snoring. It’s this sort of attention to detail which makes me The Hide&Seek Master.

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